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DX Commander - Military / Commercial Option

banana-antenna-stockNOTE: We're totally redesigning our business processes and also going on holiday. Shop will re-open end May 2019! We'll be back to normal then :) Military / Government Security Option DX Commander ALE/ABV system, fully built and tested to 400 Watts on each band: Roll-out, measure and cut the 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 12 and 10m elements and More Info »
Price: £970.00
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DX Commander Supply and Build Service & Test for DX Commander ALE Antenna

quarter-vs-three-quarter-wavelength-vertical-antenna-plotOUT OF STOCK for Pre-Built versions, sorry Warning: The price quoted for this is to put you off buying my time. This is a day's work and I don't really have that time (sorry). Remember, the whole idea of the DX Commander is to economical, fun to build (and easy). However, if you really do More Info »
Price: £650.00
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40m 4-square - complete system (economy kit)

From the archive: Obligatory evening shot of a three element 40m arrayThis listing is for the complete antenna hardware to make a 4-square for 40m. Not supplied is the phasing lines or the switchbox. You may either make your own or purchase the pre-made 4-way 4-square from Array Solutions (for example). They will also supply phasing lines too. What's in the box: 4 x 10m flexible DX Commander More Info »
Price: £299.00

DX Commander 40m 3 element vertical array £299

From the archive: Obligatory evening shot of a three element 40m arrayPerhaps you've seen the YouTube video - or had a copy with me whilst I was using just this system? Hours of planning, modelling and experimentation both in software with MMANA and also real-world testing has finally produced an excellent and extremely economical method of producing excellent DX gain in one direction with reasonable front-to-back ratio with More Info »
Price: £299.00

Multi-band 80m-6m HF Antenna /P ALE Compliant Antenna Survival Prep SOTA Kit

featured-image-premiumAll Band Vertical (ABV) 9-bands (80m through 6m). This is EXACTLY the same kit as the Premium DX Commander All-Band-Vertical but with 150m of military DX10 antenna comms wire. Almost the same product, just 50m more for your 80m element and a longer radial if required :) NOTE: Now shipping with the new flexible DX10 More Info »
Price: £199.00£195.00

DX Commander CLASSIC - HF Multi-Band Vertical System

featured-image-premiumThis listing is for the Classic version of the DX Commander vertical antenna. This comes as a KIT. See user guide here: Ideally suited to Christmas Presents, Birthday Presents and for those people who need a "plug-and-play" approach to their operating with a small amount of prep and QRO if required. NEW! Now with 1500W More Info »
Price: £179.00

4 x 10mDXC Bulk Order 4 x 10m Telescopic Poles 4-square

barebonesfeaturedimageThis listing is for individuals looking to buy an experimental 4-square or perhaps a giant quad. Alternatively, use this to save £££$$$ with your friends. In the box: 4 x 10mDXC. That's 4 x regular 10m poles, allowing you a bulk discount. Guying: Tie three small guy ropes / paracord to a single hose clamp More Info »
Price: £189.00£179.00

DX Commander SOTA Tactical Travel EXPEDITION Antenna System

expedition-feature-imageMulti-Band Expedition System based on the Expedition / SOTA / Portable Travel pole and 3-wire elements to give you any number of bands you wish. May I just say that this is SO quick to build and erect, I wish I'd launched this earlier. I'm so pleased! So I have just built myself one for More Info »
Price: £148.00£139.00

DX Commander Bare Bones Complete 10m Multi-Band HF Vertical

barebonesfeaturedimageSEE LATEST DX Commander ABV Release Notes 2017 I listened! Some of you wanted an economical bare-bones system without all the little "bits". Here it is! Note: UHMWPE is suitable for world-wide QRO operation. Of course QRP will work just the same. This is the listing for the "Bare-Bones" system which includes the pole and the 5 More Info »
Price: £129.00£119.00

DX Commander Lite 4-band vertical

featured-image-DXCLITEBuilding on the success of the DX Commander All-Band-Vertical (Classic), this super economical lightweight system delivers multi-band performance from 30m and upwards. Choose any three bands, trim elements (in user guide) and you're away. If you want 30m band, you'll also get 10m and 6m bands too. NOTE! Includes 100m of the new flexible black 22-core DX10 antenna More Info »
Price: £110.00

3-Element Triangular Array Special Edition 2019

From the archive: Obligatory evening shot of a three element 40m arraySpecialist experimenters kit to create either a triangular array or "three-in-a-row" vertical array. The three-in-a-row will give you about 8 dB over a vertical, the triangular array will deliver about 5.5dB.over a good vertical. As this video: Suitable for any frequency, from 30m and upwards. This kit would make a great 20m experiment and since More Info »
Price: £149.00£109.00

Compact HF 4-Square Telescopic Pole System 4 x 7mDXC

7m-featured-imageSuitable for experimenters for 30m and shorter wavelengths, say 20m or maybe 17m up to 250W SSB power. In the box: 4 x 7mDXC Poles (only). Build a quad, 4-square or maybe an experimental phased array. Legendary DX Commander in quality, just a smaller version of its big brother, the 10m DX Commander and delivers More Info »
Price: £75.00

DX Commander all-band conversion kit

featuredimage-ground-plateThis is the QRO conversion kit uses new UHMWPE plastic parts and 3mm pure Aluminium 1050 for improved efficiency. It's taken me a few years to get the dimensions "just right" and is the expensive part of the project. All new plastic UHMWPE plates have new hole pattern for either 3, 4 or 6 equi-distance spaced elements. More Info »
Price: £69.55

10m DX Commander (SOTA) Expedition Travel Pole

10mdxc-tp-feature-image10m high, 17 section Telescopic Pole. Includes beautifully crafted protective cloth bag. Approximate length (when extended) 9.5m Weight: 1.3kg Packed length: 70cms Wall thickness; from 1.6mm (bottom) to 0.5mm (top) Pole diameter: 47mm With DX Commander Lower Screw Cap: 56mm Hollow tip: This means for 40m (and 15m), cut about 10.5m of wire, go all the More Info »
Price: £65.00£59.50

200m Antenna Comms Wire DX10

d10This is the brand-new Mil Spec DX10 antenna wire, tested by M0MCX, key-down to 1600W for 65 seconds. Overview: 24/0.20mm PCW, Single Core, Arctic Grade Military PVC insulated Conductors: 0.75mm2 (24/0.2mm) annealed copper. Insulation: Arctic Grade (Type 8) PVC, 0.65mm nominal thickness to give 2.44 nominal diameter. Temperature rating: -40 degrees C to + 70 degrees More Info »
Price: £59.00

Expedition Pole Conversion Kit

expedition-feature-imageThis is the little box of tricks that converts the DX Commander Expedition Pole ( into the DX Commander Expedition Antenna System. In the box: Ground Plate Driven Plate QRO Guy Plate QRO Upper Spreader Stainless Nuts, bolts and washers 2 x Hose clamps 2 x packs Plastic carabiners Circa 10m 550 Paracord Some Shock-Cord Appropriate amount of More Info »
Price: £57.00

10m Telescopic Flag Pole Antenna Support DX Commander

From the archive: Obligatory evening shot of a three element 40m arrayThe original DX Commander Classic Telescopic Pole. These are the best selling heavy duty telescopic antenna support on the market. With over 1,000 sold and 100% track record, I know what I’m doing – and I use these myself in real-world RF applications. Club members, personal friends and other regular amateurs love the quality and More Info »
Price: £49.50

2018 Poles - tested - working - with Gold Band

SOLD OUT!! I have two of these iin stock. When they're gone, they're gone. Slight discount.
Price: £49.50£45.00
Out of Stock

2018 Spec 10m Poles - Slightly Larger Bases

SOLD OUT!! As mentioned on the YouTube channel, these are slightly heavier. An accident. The factory just made them over-size. Two available. When they're gone, they're gone.
Price: £49.50£45.00
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Antenna Tow Ball Mount

tow-ball-featured-imageNOTE: We're totally redesigning our business processes and also going on holiday. Shop will re-open end May 2019! We'll be back to normal then :) IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an experimental tow-ball mount. Under test, I achieved some extreme loading however I can take no responsibility for anything going wrong. Playing with portable antennas inevitable leads to the odd More Info »
Price: £44.00
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