Compact HF 4-Square Telescopic Pole System 4 x 7mDXC


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Suitable for experimenters for 30m and shorter wavelengths, say 20m or maybe 17m up to 250W SSB power.

In the box: 4 x 7mDXC Poles (only). Build a quad, 4-square or maybe an experimental phased array.

Legendary DX Commander in quality, just a smaller version of its big brother, the 10m DX Commander and delivers you just under 7m in height.


  • Length: 6.8m
  • Max diameter of pole inc screw-over end cap 45mm
  • Max diameter of lower tube: 36mm
  • Lower diameter of second tube: 32mm
  • Wall thickness: 1.3mm

The last (small) section is solid fibreglass so that super-lightweight dipoles and doubles may be flown, albeit with some “curve”. This pole is not suitable for hard-drawn copper wire dipoles and doublets (for instance standard G5RVs) because that type wire is too heavy.

I have tested this with a 40m inverted V dipole using 1.2mm equipment hook-up wire with a spec of 7 x 0.2mm strands. I soldered the coax directly to the wire to cut any weight down at the feedpoint and used Aircell 5 coax (very light but similar spec to RG213) to good effect. But this pole will not accept a heavy head-load.

Supporting your vertical: Find yourself a circa 35mm hoseclamp. Undo the clamp completely and slip over some 8mm / 10mm aquarium (which will protect your pole too) then do it back up. Make this into a guy-point by attaching three strands of paracord to this hoseclamp and then guy it out 120 degrees apart with some camping guy stakes. Fit the clamp directly ABOVE the last lower section. Of course, you can just bungee cord it to a gatepost / tree etc.

Delta Loop: I’ve never made a delta loop (yet) but I’ve modelled one and I can’t wait

Remember there’s a lifetime warranty on this, so if you break it what ever the reason, send me a pic of the broken one and I’ll ship you another one at cost.

Enjoy your radio!


Callum, M0MCX.

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