7m Rapide gets User Guide

The User Guide ir written and is located here:

Watch the video in conjunction with the user-guide.

Based on a 7m telescopic pole (circa 6.8m) and will work from 40m through to 2m band. Incredible.

Cut Chart as follows. Cut your elements this long (in metres – not feet : )

  • 30m 7.99 (includes 2 x 6cm loops and a 1.29m return off the top)
  • 20m 4.95 (all these have a 6cm loop incorporated into this cut chart)
  • 17m 3.85
  • 15m 3.29
  • 12m 2.81
  • 10m 2.50

To clarify: Taking the 10m band for instance, cut your element at 2.50m exactly and fold-back a loop of 6cm which makes the new total length of 2.44m.

Want feet and inches? Just Google “convert 2.81m to feet and inches” (for instance).

3.780 Lock Down Net Mon-Fri Daily

NOTE: Using my OWN call as a test since there should be no QSL requests..

I am inviting folks who are a little more isolated than others to pop in at 11:00am each morning.

All you need to do is get your callsign in my log and I’ll call you in for a 30-second over in time.

If the net is too big, I can invite a secondary net to drop down 3kHz etc.

Phasing Harness Calulator for 71 and 84 degrees

All you need is the target frequency and velocity factor for this one. However, if using economy coax, your quoted VC may be off, so if that’s the case, you may want to measure a 90 degree test piece (that’s also shown in the calculations).

To check for accuracy, you can cut a 90 degree section of coax and short out the end. Attach to your analyser and you should get zero SWR at the target frequency. Just a tip.

Here Is the Excel Spreadsheet: phasing harness calcs

Modelling a 2-element Delta Loop for 40m

MMANA 2 Element Delta Loop modelling: I mentioned this on Saturday’s LiveStream. You can download it and have a play, rotate it, delete the reflector etc:

DOWNLOAD HERE >> 40m 2-ele delta loop <<

Remember, DON’T email me, but comment on the channel. Thanks!

How big is the DX Commander box?

I have custom boxes made that keep my shipping cost effective, staying under 1.2m in total length.

Kits are shipped in the oblong boxes and single poles in corrugated cardboard.

120cm box

Camdesk 1.2.1 Download

I notice that CamDesk is offline. This is my download which I originally deleted – but since I have discovered that CamDesk is offline, I managed to find it in my recycle bin for others to use.

This is a ZIP file. Obviously take necessary precautions when unzipping etc. I’ve had this installed for about 2-months.

NOTE: It’s a self executing program file. It doesn’t need DLLs and doesn’t “install” itself in Windows. It just runs from the install directory and you can move it around, say on a USB stick if you like.