TOKYO HY-POWER HL-700B 600 Watt Amplifier purchase

So I have just taken delivery of a very gently used Tokyo Hy-Power HF linear amplifier.

The previous owner (retired communications and instrumentation technician for a large, multi-national organisation) replaced both fans with ultra low noise “Arctic” fluid bearing units. These are installed in 2 speed via voltage regulation manner: Low speed during stand-by (RX) and High speed during TX.

This is what he wrote in his advert:

  • The HL-700B is based around EIGHT Toshiba 2SC2879 power transistors, each one is conservatively rated at 100 Watts output. It has a number of features to enhance operation from virtually ANY radio including:
  • Input power selectable from 10 to 100 W via internal switch so can be driven from a QRP mobile or 100W base station.
  • Manual band switching – ALL HF bands available including WARC and 1.8MHz. Just press for either the band you want or the next highest on the front panel. eg For 18MHz select 21 MHz. For 1.8 MHz select 3.5 MHz (see instructions).
  • VOX or hardwire TX switching (ALC/PTT lead included)
  • TX delay selectable for delay (SSB) or QSK (CW, FM, AM, DATA etc)
  • Excess input power protection
  • Excess output power protection
  • Wrong low pass filter (band) selection protection
  • Bad SWR protection
  • 600 Watts output with 40 Watts drive

This toy will need either a hefty power supply or a leisure battery as the amp requires 13.8V at 70 AMPS peak current for 600 Watts out at 7 MHz. A 60 Amp CONTINUOUS power supply will be required (to be purchased yet!). I’m looking at a Diamond 60A continuous, 70A peak rating power supply.

I’ll keep you posted.