12m DX Commander Extra Long Telescopic Antenna Support Mini-eXtreme Nebula

Here we have for your delight, the cut-down version of the full DX Commander 18m Nebula in a reduced package, extending to 12.4m (40.5 feet) in total length when extended.

DO NOT confuse this with another 12m pole on the market, this pole has:

  • Stiffer Walls
  • Heavier weight (by 20%)
  • Custom Screw Base
  • Longer when extended

Shipping length is 1.24m (just over 4 feet) and weght is 3.95Kg (about 9 pounds).

Ideal conversion to a DX Commander Classic “plus”, suitable for low-banding with a linear loaded 80m vertical and other elements as customer might choose but as yet, no development has been done on this design and NO plates are yet available. We are keen to move this project forward though.

I have 47 of these in stock at time of writing.¬†Economy shipping (around 1-week from Fedex) for all international orders and for Domestic UK, we’re using DX-24 when available (some regions might have to be another carrier).

You will need about 10 hose clamps ranging from 60mm down to about 30mm (probably three sizes) and some rubber or PVC aquarium tubing to protect the tubing from the clamps. Fit these JUST above each section as the pole sections become smaller. The idea is that if the pole does want to collapse, it can’t because the rubber hose-clamp stops it.

Alternatively, find some very cool double-walled glue-lined heat shrink and apply that permanently to the pole. That would be a very cool solution for permanent use.

PS – One customer used a hot glue gun. Also a potential solution.

Price: £122.00£119.00
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