Signature 12.4m DX Commander All Band Vertical 80m

Signature 12.4 – All Band HF Antenna

80m, 40m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m & 6m

Kit delivers 80m as a loaded quarter wave with 30m as a psuedo 5/8 element, a full quarter wave on 40m and quarter waves on all other bands bar 12m and 10m where we again use psuedo 5/8 elements.

This is what I have been using on all my live-streams recently however the production version has bigger plates giving us better bandwidth and fabulous SWR curves. CHeck DX Commander over on Instagram for updates on this fabulous kit.

Shipped in 2 x boxes.

Box 1:

  • 12m Signature pole

Box 2:

  • 3 Reels DX10 Wire
  • 2 x massive 5251 Aluminium plates (ground and driven)
  • 5 x UHMWPE Spreader / Guy plates
  • All nuts, bolts, washers, Fork connectors, paracord, shock cord etc
  • Full stainless stay up kit with hose clamps and tubing etc

Tilt-base is not supported directly from us however DX Engineering do a tilt-base and so do Barenco in UK.

The ID of pole is exactly 50.8mm / 2-inches. You can build a simple tilt-over base with a stub mast not longer than say 30cm / 1 foot long to support the base.

You will guy this at the 3rd spreader. You DO NOT need a tilt over base.. This can sit directly on the ground. You can also storm-proof it buy guying at plate #2 and plate #4.

Radials: Enough to get you nice and loud on 80m and louder on 40m and up. Pin these down either with radial pins or wood dowels / lawn stakes etc.

Shipping: World-Wide

Still on-sale!

Price: £419.00£399.00
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