DX Commander ULTIMATE Classic Multi-Band Kit

  • NOTE – ALL Customers currently restricted to ONE (1) reel of DX10 due to shortage
  • For Extra Ground Radials – Just throw any wire in the ground; eg. Equipment Wire, Scrap Ethernet etc – No need to DX10 for ground radials

Exactly the same as the regular 40m (or 80-m) Classic but EXTRA in the box:

  • 2 x 10m DX Commander Telescopic Poles
  • 1 Reel DX10 wire (not 6)
  • Plate Set
  • Fitting Kit (nuts, bolts, shock cord etc)
  • Mastrant Guy Rope
  • Spare SO239
  • Spare Double-Eye

Tested at 1,600W key-down for 65 seconds.

Price: £454.00£269.00
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