3-Element Triangular Array 7m

Specialist experimenters kit to create either a triangular array or “three-in-a-row” vertical array. The three-in-a-row will give you about 6 dB over a vertical, the triangular array will deliver about 5.5dB.over a good vertical.

As this video:

Suitable for any frequency, from 30m and upwards. This kit would make a great 20m experiment and since the wind loading is very light, could probably stand up in all weathers. 40m is also possible via linear loading.

In the box:

  • 3 x 7m DX Commander Telescopic Poles
  • 3 x Aluminium Ground Plates (drilled out to 5mm, no thread * ) bent at 90 degrees as per usual for SO239
  • 3 x Aluminium Driven Plates (drilled, not tapped * )
  • 3 x Guy Plate in black UHMWPE (this component is suitable for up to 250W SSB)
  • 3 x Upper Spreader (again, this component is not fully QRO)
  • 1 x SO239 wih screw-thread (User to solder a flying lead into this)
  • 1 x Hose clamp (to keep the driven plate from rising up)

To make this QRO, leave off the guy point and instead, use another hose clamp just above the first section and attach guy ropes to this. Use rubber tubing or similar for scratch / strain relief on the fibreglass.

You will need to supply some wire for the elements and grounds, nuts bolts washers, paracord and other odds and ends. The hard work (components) is done for you though.


Price: £149.00
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