DX Commander all-band conversion kit

This is the conversion kit consisting of the Ground Plate, the Driven Plate, a Guy Plate and an Upper Spreader (only).

UPGRADE October 2017: Guy plate now upgraded to 8mm. Upper Spreader now at 5mm.

This assumes you already have a DX Commander pole.

The kit comes without nuts and bolts or any other accessories although all aluminium plates have 6mm threaded holes ready for any 6mm bolt that comes to mind. A 16mm hole is ready to accept a standard SO239 screw-on socket.

This kit is ideal for the amateur radio operator who already has various bolts, crimps, wire, paracord and maybe some elastic shock cord to suspend your elements from the upper spreader.

Feel free to track me down on the private Facebook group over at “Amateur Radio Great Britain“.

73 Callum.

Price: £49.50
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