40m 4-square – complete system (economy kit)

pic2This listing is for the complete antenna hardware to make a 4-square for 40m. Not supplied is the phasing lines or the switchbox. You may either make your own or purchase the pre-made 4-way 4-square from Array Solutions (for example). They will also supply phasing lines too.

What’s in the box:

  • 4 x 10m DX Commander telescopic poles
  • 4 x Ground Plates
  • 4 x Radiating Plates (optional but it makes the build more elegant)
  • 4 x 8mm heavy duty QRO UHMWPE Guy Plates
  • 4 x DX Commander SO239 assemblies

I do not supply hose clamps for this project since if you have enough land for a 4-square, I suggest that you permanently glue each section together. Use a very light adhesive that allows you to fully extend each section. Heavy glue can make a hydraulic seal and will make your pole (potentially) substantially smaller than you want it. Hot glue also works.

Use any wire you wish. I normally use insulated equipment wire and use 16 x 1/4 wave radials or 30 x 1/8 wave radials for effective results.

For fine tuning, cut a longer piece of wire as your element, say about 11m long and fold the extra length back down the pole (once you reach the top). Trim for exact 1:1 match on each of the 4 x poles before connecting up your 4-square switch box.

Suggest you very mildly helically wind your element up the tube and secure it periodically with some electrical tape (I’ve done this many times). It stops the wire flapping about. Slip over some aquarium tubing at the top for a secure arrangement.

Price: £299.00
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