DX Commander 7m RAPIDE All Band Vertical

Based on exactly the same principles as the All Band Classic, this version – the Rapide, based on the 7m telescopic DXC pole (physical length of circa 6.8m) delivers exactly the same result with pure quarter wave elements: 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m (with 6m band delivered by the 30m element as a 1 1/4 wavelength element). In testing, we achieved perfect matches for all bands and a fabulous pattern for DX.

Faster and easier to build than the original Classic and supplied with 100m DX10 wire, the Rapide uses only 25m of wire for the elements leaving you with 75m of wire for the radials. That’s almost 4-wavelengths of wire which means you will be achieving only 1.2dB less than 32 quarter wave radials on 20m band. On higher bands, proportionally you will have more wavelengths of copper on the ground meaning that by the time you reach 10m band, you are driving your antenna with the equivalent of 32 radials.

pic240m is possible by linear loading a longer element up-and-down the pole and that arrangement will still work on the Rapide. Essentially, taking a 40m element and going right up to the top of the pole and back down again as far as the bottom guying plate. But you lose 30m – and one other band due to the hole spacing. However, we did notice that gives you a lovely far-field pattern  and perect tune on 11m. Strange but true :)

However, concentrating on the Rapide’s new features, this delivers every band from 30m up to 6m with a 6-element arrangement. For speed, users may chose to run less, say 30m, 20 and 17m – or any other pattern you may wish for.

Needless to say, properly tuned, this antenna does NOT need any tuner, it should give you better than 1.5:1 on pure quarterwaves on: 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m with legendary DX Commander performance.

You want CB bands and not 12m? Fine, make the 12m element a tiny bit shorter and you have CB at your fingertips. Alternatively, cut the 30m element longer for a 5/8 on 10m and with the spare slot, cut an 11m element. But you lose 30m.

And we are also supplying 100m reel of DX 10 wire. If you cut 24 x 3.2m (about 10 feet) radials, you will have 4 x wavelengths of radials for 20m on the ground, possibly the most efficient you can achieve without burying lots of money. Why 24 radials? Well this is ideal because you have 6 ground connections on the ground plate and if you crimp or solder 4 radials per fork connector, there’s 24 radials. Fast to take up and move on as well at only 3m long.

Can’t do 360 degree circle of radials? This will work on 180 degrees – even 90 degrees.

In the box:

  • 7m telescopic DX Commander pole
  • Plenty of fork connectors
  • Stainless wing nuts, bolts & washers
  • Some paracord for guying
  • Marlow Shock Cord
  • 2 x Hose Clamps and clear PVC stay-up tubing
  • 100m DX10 Wire
  • Aluminium Ground Plate
  • Aluminium Driven Plate
  • 3 x UHMWPE plates (Guy, Mid and Upper Spreader)
  • SO239 assembly (with flying lead and fork connector attached)
  • Glue Lined Marine Shrink Wrap tubing
  • Actually everything you need apart from guy stakes

.NOTE: Tested at 1,600W key-down for 65 seconds.

Price: £179.00
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