DX Commander Lite 4-band vertical

Building on the success of the DX Commander All-Band-Vertical (Classic), this super economical lightweight system delivers multi-band performance from 30m and upwards.

Choose any three bands, trim elements (in user guide) and you’re away.

If you want 30m band, you’ll also get 10m and 6m bands too.

NOTE! Includes 100m of the new flexible black 22-core DX10 antenna wire, tested to 1600W for 65 seconds key down.

> See User Guide < 

Most on-board ATUs will also tune the band next to it, so if you made up 30m, 20m and 15m elements, your ATU will also tune 17m, 12m and 10m giving you the whole upper HF bands.

Double over a longer element length and achieve a linear-loaded 40m Shorty-Forty (40m band) with better than 1.5:1 SWR across the whole band.

NOTE: Comes with everything you need including 100m of antenna wire.

Price: £110.00
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