DX Commander Lite 4-band vertical


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NEW! This is the Mk2 version of the popular, economical 4-band highly portable antenna.

dx-lite-mk2Based around the DX Commander 7m telescopic pole (which actually extends around 6.5m), the Mk2 Lite sports up to 4 elements with new aluminium plates and UHMWPE plastic plates to allow you to fit any 4-bands including 80m. Aluminium now in 5251.

Ideally suited for say 30m and upwards, but you can dispense with 30m and instead fit a linear loaded 40m by using up two of the element holes, one up – and one back down, about 3 feet from the bottom. Then you can have two other bands too. Say 20m and 17m. Mike, M0MSN has measure his 40m element length to be 11.11m long. It stops at around the lower guy point.


Connect 40m return element

And of interest, the 40m element normally resonates on or near the 10m band and shows a far-field pattern of 5/8ths. Superp DX capability. I have worked a number of stations on 11m with this element!

NOTE! Includes 100m of the new flexible black 22-core DX10 antenna wire, tested to 1600W for 65 seconds key down.

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Most on-board ATUs will also tune the band next to it, so if you made up 30m, 20m and 15m elements, your ATU will also tune 17m, 12m and 10m giving you the whole upper HF bands.


Shown on Expedition Kit

40 Note: For 40m, cut an element around 11.11m long.

Take this right up to the top but don’t go through the metal loop.

Come back down as a normal element and temporarily connect some paracord to the driven element. Adjust exact length to tune.

Once complete, you can close off this element end with a loop and shrink-wrap.

Use the 6mm id tubing to connect the top of the element to the end of the pole.


NOTE: Comes with everything you need including 100m of antenna wire.

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