DX Commander Bare Bones Complete 10m Multi-Band HF Vertical


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All products that include the Classic Pole starts shipping 3rd Week June 2020

For eBayNote: UHMWPE is suitable for world-wide QRO operation. Of course QRP will work just the same.

This is the listing for the “Bare-Bones” system which includes the pole and the 5 water-jet cut plates only.

You can upgrade for the full 9-yards Premium Edition here.

  • Pole
  • Ground Plate
  • Radiating Plate
  • Guy Plate
  • Mid Spreader
  • Upper Spreader
  • Upper Double-Eye
  • SO239 assembly (hot-glued with flying lead and fork connector)

For eBayNOTE: All new plastic UHMWPE plates have new hole pattern for either 3, 4 or 6 equi-distance spaced elements.

Just add 6mm nuts and bolts, some wire and paracord and you’ll be 90% of the way there. Some small shock cord and a couple of buttons will let you erect and dismantle easily.

Price: £169.00
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