DX Commander Bare Bones Complete 10m Multi-Band HF Vertical

All products that include the Classic Pole starts shipping 3rd Week June 2020

I listened! Some of you wanted an economical bare-bones system without all the little “bits”. Here it is!

For eBayNote: UHMWPE is suitable for world-wide QRO operation. Of course QRP will work just the same.

This is the listing for the “Bare-Bones” system which includes the pole and the 5 water-jet cut plates only. For me, this was the difficult part of the DX Commander’s journey into production. I hand-made a number of variants before finally settling on this design. For the serious hobbyist, these parts are the difficult bits to make. Just add some crimps, some wire, paracord and shock-cord to keep the tension on your element and you’re away. A couple of jubilee / hose-clamps might assist in keeping the lower radiating plate from listing up with element tension – I used to use electrical tape to keep the cost down. If you have some shrink-wrap and 6mm bolts, then you will be complete.

I’ve managed to keep the price very keen by packaging the pole and the plates in the one shipping unit and also saving a substantial amount of my own time by not having to measure out and bag all the little bits and accessories etc. So you get a first-class product at a cracking price.

  • Pole
  • Ground Plate
  • Radiating Plate
  • Guy Plate
  • Mid Spreader
  • Upper Spreader
  • Upper Double-Eye
  • SO239 assembly (hot-glued with flying lead and fork connector)

For eBayNOTE: All new plastic UHMWPE plates have new hole pattern for either 3, 4 or 6 equi-distance spaced elements.

Just add 6mm nuts and bolts, some wire and paracord and you’ll be 90% of the way there. Some small shock cord and a couple of buttons will let you erect and dismantle easily.

In the spirit of amateur radio, it’ll allow you an element of “build” fun and creativity too.


The 15m band is also catered for by means of resonating the 40m antenna and using a “boomerang element foldback” to achieve a pseudo 5/8ths for 15m band. No tuner is required and the far field patterns are excellent for DX. I achieve fabulous results and the DX Commander poles and sub-systems have quite a following. I have really enjoyed deploying this antenna for /P and holidays. I even run one in my garden without any ATU via an amplifier. Great fun.

The DX Commander vertical is based on the same technique as a fan dipole. Effectively a number of elements present themselves to your load and self-select to achieve efficient quarter-wave performance on all bands, according to which quarter-wave elements are installed.

Achieving gain on 12m and 10m is simply a matter of clicking in your ATU on your radio since without appropriate quarter wave elements, you will find the SWR is only about 3:1. Quite reasonable. It will also tune on 6m and although the far field pattern is not perfection, there is gain and you will achieve Sporadic E contacts. Alternatively, install 10m and 12m elements too! I’ve always thought a 3/4 wave for 10 might work but I’ve never tested the idea (yet).

Here are some example QSO recordings using this antenna: https://www.m0mcx.co.uk/audio-clips/

Radials: There is much baloney surrounding the topic of radials. The bottom line is that the difference between around 15 radials and 120 radials is less than a dB or so. Further, more and shorter radials are better than fewer and longer radials. I have written a simple-to-understand paper on this subject found here: https://www.m0mcx.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/How-many-radials-do-I-need-for-a-vertical-antenna.pdf

You will need to invest in a relaxed “build day” to make your first build and solder your connectors on and measure out your element lengths to make sure the antenna is repeatable so that in future, you can erect within 20 minutes and pack away in a similar time. Tip: Tape the ends of the radials together when you pack away so they unravel fast in a single line without tangles.

This is the complete set (aluminium not supplied on this listing)To keep the price down to a bare-bones budget, I am supplying on this listing, just the pole and the 6 x plates (aluminium ground plate and driven plate and nylon guy, upper spreader and double-eye – but now in UPGRADED UHMWPE).

There’s quite a following of DX Commander users out there, so join in and enjoy having a truly efficient multiband antenna. And don’t worry if you break it in a school-boy accident (walking on it, driving over it etc), I do replacement warranty poles for 66% of eBay’s price (inc shipping price). Of course a manufacturing error or fault is a different matter.

My latest Hints and Tips build tricks film found here: https://youtu.be/JX-weSomX3g. There are lots of films about this system on my channel.

Buy with confidence. My ebay rating is 100% and I’m proud of that so if anything isn’t up to scratch, I’ll “do the right thing” and fix it for you. This is a hobby business with low margins, but I thoroughly enjoy making this gear and testing it out so that you get a great experience – and I get exactly the gear I want in the process.

If you like DX Commander products, track down the DX Commander pole on eHam and leave a review there too.

Thanks for all your support chaps. Kind regards, 73 Callum M0MCX.

Price: £169.00
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