Not much to report this month and I’m only typing because I’ve currently got man-flu and feel like sh*t warmed up.

Hyper Mega Loop AntennaThe Mega-Loop is working superbly at the Scout hut, although I’m trying to find something better for 160m. The impedance is already slightly low on top band and with a 4:1 balun in line at the feedpoint, it seems throws the SWR out by quite a bit. The ACOM 2000 seems to handle such a mis-match, in fact, it only trips out with a return power equating to around 575 watts. Technically, does this means that I can fire 1,000 watts up the coax and have nearly 600 watts come back to me? I don’t know – and certainly not above 1,850 anyway (UK band plans & license conditions etc). I’ll need to check.

Here’s some fun. The picture shown is the design for a Hyper-Mega-Loop, this is twice the size of our current Mega-Loop at 340 meters in length sitting at 18 meters height with a design sag of 5 meters in the middle of each leg. Using MMANA, it seems to still develop amazing potential for 40m band. How about 8dBi at 10 degrees take off for the US? I wish I hadn’t thought this up, I’m tempted to build it. Yes, the RF will fire just North of West at around 285 degrees.

Last Monday night, Tim and James helped me to demonstrate amateur radio to the Beavers. We did a standard JOTA style 90 minutes with little ones starting with Morse code, continuing to QSL designs and passing greeting messages on 80m. Thanks to Chris, G0MLY who was was an excellent victim in managing the little ones pass their greetings message. Also thanks to the many others who helped including our friends, Barry (G0DGQ) and Chris (G0EYO).