G7OJO Silent Key

Reg Brown, G7OJO, passed away on 22nd January 2007. Reg was a member of Wythall Radio Club and in the words of Chris Meadows (Chairman), a “stalwart” of the club. Today was Reg’s funeral and a quite a few of the club turned out at Robin Hood Cremetorium.

He was “Piped” up the driveway by a Scottish piper, all the way into the chapel. The vicar’s sermon included references to Reg’s fishing and radio hobbies and afterwards, Reg’s Brother-in-Law was invited to say a few words. It was a very moving speech and he said goodbye to Reg using the radio ham terminology, “G7OJO, 73 Old Man”.

Afterwards, at the British Legion, Stratford Road, we compared stories about Reg’s exploits. I loved the one about Reg having an accident with a car on a slipway at a harbour. He was launching a small boat and his kids were watching at a safe distance with Pauline his wife (who told me this story) sitting in the car. Pauline said that something went wrong and she ended up at the bottom of the harbour inside the car. Reg dived down and got her out! Amazing.

After Reg switched off one night after having a natter on 2m FM, Chris (G6KMQ) and myself noticed a carrier come up on the frequency and we could hear someone in the background clearly tidying up and generally making human noises(!). Chris and I discussed who it might be and all of a sudden Chris said, “I know”! and disappeared. Shortly afterwards, I heard a phone ringing in the background from the FM set that was emmiting the carrier and then Reg’s voice, “Bl**dy hell”, he shouted to Chris’s advice and took the MOX switch off. He had pressed that instead of the ON/OFF switch! I believe his vocabularly may have been slightly worse than that quoted in this text!

I’m gonna miss you Reg. Rest in peace OM.

C McCormick, Tues 6th Feb.