Amateur Radio with low electrical noise

40m and 20m verticals

40m vertical (left) and 20m/10m Nested Vertical (right)

I’ve been running many pile-ups on 40m this week and I think half the reason is that I can hear so well because the electrical noise is almost non-existent. Of course, my TX is also pretty good because of the salt water too.

Working conditions; My “holiday” rig, Kenwood TS-2000, Heil Goldline, NC10 netbook running N1MM “DX” mode with a RigBlaster for voice keying and my Acom 2000 to loaf around on.

I took the TS2000 intentionally on this trip because I never normally use it and wanted to know what it was like under pushed conditions. It’s not as nice on the ear as my FT1000MP but for a couple of hours a day, it’s bearable and the NR button does actually work to assist for weak stations. I miss my FT1000MP and next year when we come back here, I’ll bring a fatter rig with me.

I thank all the stations that have worked me so far. I’m on track for about 75 DX entities by the end of this week, working the radio about 2 hours per day, logging about 50 stations each day, mostly on 40m. Luxury 🙂