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GB1DSG plays JOTA 2007 with Tim (M3SDE) and Callum (M0MCX)

Tim and I hosted a first for Dorridge Scout Group club station this year when M0XXT became GB1DSG for JOTA 2007 on Sunday 21st October.

With dipoles for 40m and 80m erected at 18 meters(!), and the ACOM 2000 running, we were loud across EU on 80m delivering greetings messages for 30 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. The event started with the ARRL film, “Hello” moving to Morse Code sending and receiving, QSL card design, greeting message construction – and finally the actual greeting message delivery on the microphone.

Thanks to all stations that ran with our little pile up – a particular thank you goes to GB50YOU operated by M0MLG (Michaela) who was patient, witty and laughed at my jokes! Riding shotgun with her was both her Mother and Father but for the life of me, I can’t remember your callsigns, sorry. A great QSO though, thanks.

Later that evening, between 21:00 and 21:30GMT, M0XXT came out the secret box to play some DX on 40m reaching all parts of the globe in just a few minutes. Here’s a cut of the log from 21:00GMT:

  • KP2AD (US Virgin Islands)
  • FM5FJ  (Martinique)
  • YV5ZD (Venezuela)
  • WP3ME (Puerto Rico)
  • KV4CF (USA)
  • FP5CJ (St Pierre & Miquelon Is)
  • JA8EIA (Japan)
  • VK6LK (Australia)

Go figure!

My personal thanks go to Tim, M3SDE, who once again was star of the show, holding the fort when we needed solid radio operating during the day and later in the evening, running one of the most pleasant pile ups you would ever likely hear. Keep up the great operating Tim, the world could do with more of you.