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M0XXT/P HF Doublet Test

James and I tested out a doublet today in preparation of our trip to Hampton in Arden Cubs, Friday 30th November.

We used the generator to power the FT1000MP MkV (200w) effortlessly pumping the hydraulic mast up to 10m with the SG230 bungee-strapped to the top, running one of our 80m dipoles across the top to form a doublet.

Total set up time was about 25 minutes. This included un-hiching the generator and levelling the mast.

We called CQ on 3.750.00 from the boot (see picture) and G3ZSE (John) came straight back with a 59 report. Then the rain started! We had parked the car so that the wind was off us but even so, it didn’t take very long for everything to get wet!

We only spent 30 minutes on the radio and had a pleasant 6-station pile-up but after clearing with G4FWG , we tore down the gear as fast as possible. I could hardly feel my fingers and my gut feeling was that shortly it would be hammering down. Within 25 minutes though, we were back at home for a cup of tea, all packed up.

In the log today:

  • G3ZSE (John in Kettering)
  • G4MSF/M (Keith, 10W in Gateshead)
  • M1HDD (Dave in Chesterfield)
  • GW4ZPL (John in North Wales)
  • 2E0RWX (Ron in Humberbridge)
  • G4FWG (Malcolm in East Sussex)

Bottom line: For 80m NVIS style of operation, it works a treat.