DX50 Genuine British Army Kevlar Antenna Wire – Olive Green – 50m reel


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50m Hank/Reel of DX50.

Made to Plessey Spec number 998/9/83626 & SD4/269301 PD

  • Tinned Copper Braid 16/4/0.1mm with 5 ends Kevlar 49, PVC Coated in Forest Green to appx 2.9mm Max OD

Legendary British Army Antenna Wire, made for DX Commander. This is the REAL THING. Made in London as Millitary spec above.

  • 2.9mm in diameter max
  • Super flexible
  • Almost no memory
  • Extremely strong
  • Tinner copper weave
  • Kevlar core
  • Almost indestructable
  • Solders very easily

Being UK made to very high specifications, do NOT mistake this for a Far East or Europe copy. This is the real stuff, as used by Royal Signals.


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