DX50 Antenna Wire by the metre

DX50 by the metre (by selecting qty 10 = 10m)

Legendary British Army Antenna Wire, made for DX Commander. This is the REAL THING. Made in London as Millitary spec.

  • 2.7mm in diameter
  • Super flexible
  • Almost no memory
  • Extremely strong
  • Tinner copper weave
  • Kevlar core
  • Almost indestructable
  • Solders very easily
  • 135Kg / 300 lbs strain test

Being UK made to very high specifications, do NOT mistake this for a Far East or Europe copy. This is the real stuff, as used by Royal Signals.

This is by the METRE so if you buy 30, you will get a hank of 30m.

Price: £1.25
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