10m DX Commander (SOTA) Expedition Travel Pole


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10m high, 17 section Telescopic Pole.

Includes beautifully crafted protective cloth bag.

  • Approximate length (when extended) 9.6m
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Packed length: 70cms
  • Wall thickness; from 1.6mm (bottom) to 0.5mm (top)
  • Pole diameter: 47mm
  • With NEW DX Commander Lower Screw Cap: 56mm

Hollow tip: This means for 40m (and 15m), cut about 10.5m of wire, go all the way up the pole and poke your wire back inside the top of the hole by around 1m. You will then get a perfect tune on both 40m and 15m. Keep safe by fitting a small (8mm ID aquarium tubing over the tip and it’ll keep some mild tension).

Guying: Buy a couple of Hose Clamps and slide some 10mm ID aquarium tube over the hose clamp (unscrew the clamp completely to achieve this). Fit three pieces of paracord to the Hose Clamp and this will now act as your guy point between the top of the second and bottom of the third section. Fit an additional hose clamp (with tubing) at the top of the lower section to stop the telescopic arrangement from collapsing under tension

Warning: The top few sections extremely lightweight. Ideal for vertical arrangements, not for heavy dipoles etc. If you want a fan dipole or similar, remove last few sections and just be sensible about the weight. If it’s bending too much, you are over-cooking it! 🙂


  • Will regular DX Commander Classic aluminium components fit the bottom section? Yes 🙂 But not the plastics.

Price: £68.50
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