100m Antenna Comms Wire

Military specification 100m insulated stranded wire with 4 copper and 3 steel wires in a twisted configuration. The copper wire is tinned hard-drawn copper and the steel reinforcing wires are galvanised for added strength and durability.

The techno-blurb says that it is is a “flexible, yet tough single-pair wire for all types of terrain. It is operationally equivalent to field cable MIL-C-13294″.

NOTE: This is shipped as 1 length of twin 50m lengths (100m) of the cable which will need to be untwisted. Do this by tying one end of the pair to a tree (or a vice) and put an electric or battery drill on the other end and “drill” in a clockwise rotation slowly and it’ll unravel. Be careful when you extract the wires from the drill chuck because although the wires may look untwisted together, they will each have a corresponding twist induced in them individually. So hang on to each wire, pull them apart and let them untwist themselves.

  • (Note: DX Commander All-Band-Vertical already ships with one of these).
  • Insulation: Black polyethylene
    Outer sheath: Abrasion resistant transparent nylon
    DC loop resistance: Maximum 151 ohm/km
    Insulation resistance: Minimum 3500M ohm/km at 20°C
    Dielectric strength: Minimum 3kV Breaking
    load: 390N/conductor
    Voltage rating: 600 volts rms at 2000Hz
    Operating temp range: -40°C to +70°C

Each 100m run will give you 25 radials of 4m long each, almost too many for 40m band but you can also build quads, dipole etc.. I have built all my antennas from this over the years.

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