Quad Train Horns

Train HornsWe’re having a narrowboat built currently by Louis and Joshua narrowboats in Doncaster (USA visitors, please google “narrowboat”) and obviously I’m preparing for some /portable radio work with a small shack being built for me to house a laptop, FT1000MP and a small ACOM (this being a radio ham site, I thought I ought to put that bit in).

However it occured to me that being a QRO sort of bloke, an air horn system would be rather fun and I’ve discovered an excellent solution in the form of some Train Horns made in the USA. The importer kindly let me have the video (fitted to an off-road Hummer). But informs me that he has in mind a more powerful version for me(!).

I’ve uploaded it for you here: hammer4.mpg – can you hear the echo off the hills?

What a laugh 🙂