Proposed Field Day Location

VHF NFD Location

I’m very excited that we appear to have found a new Field Day location in the Cotswold Hills, particularly useful for VHF NFD since it is only a whisker short of 1,000 feet. Of course, this will be spectacular for SSB Field Day as well since we might even make use of the height to secure a few more 10m SSB contacts around the UK and into the continent if we’re lucky.

Tim, James, Terry and I visited the site today to ensure that it is suitable – and at only 40 miles from Solihull it’s not as if we’re stretching the fuel tanks to get there either.

I’ve never operated seriously at such a height so I will be fascinated to know how our performance compares with other years when we used to operate at a local club that sported 450 feet ASL plus a 100 foot mast. I have a feeling the extra 500 feet might prove to be exceptionally useful!

May I thank Tim who drove around one evening for hours with a friend of his, door knocking land owners that happened to live very high up. This land owner shall remain anonymous for the time being. Thank you Sir for assisting our group.

VHF Field Day 2008 M0XXT

VHF Field Day 2008 M0XXT

We’re looking for 1st-class contest operators which a good sense of humour who want a couple of interesting weekends away with our club call; M0XXT. If you are interested in joining our group, please email me your phone number.

Callum, M0MCX.