Licence -vs- License

I have finally discovered a way of remembering the difference between license and licence. “Licence” is a noun and “license” is a verb. Since I refer to the noun more than the verb, I shall remember that there are no Ss in LICENCE.

As Geoff (G4AFJ) pointed out; “You are licensed to transmit. You have a licence to transmit. Your licence is issued by Ofcom who are the UK licensing authority.”

Thanks Geoff!

(Spring 2009)

More than 10% of my site’s traffic is from people doing searches on Google for “License -Vs- Licence”. That’sĀ over 400 people per month!

(Autumn 2009)

Now I have 16% traffic to my site, 48 people per day just because of this quirky article.
Crazy but true.