Heil Goldline with Studio Insert

Heil Goldline Microphone - Studio ElementCompeting in the Baltic 80m contest last night, an operator broke off from his pile up and asked what radio I was using. He really liked the audio. I was using my standard FT1000MP Mk5 – but with the Studio Element on my Heil Goldline. This has to be one of the smoothest elements in the world and it really suits the FT1000 series. I have tried the ‘thin’ elements but they don’t suit me. I have a deep (and loud!) voice and with the studio element,  it all comes together in one broadcast type sound.

It’s fun sounding very different – when everyone else has thin DX and Contest type microphones, mine is strong and fat. A bit like my stomach!

On the subject of these Heil Stick Microphones, I bought the matching Heil Boom stand for the Goldline. The problem is that the microphone isn’t heavy enough for the boom stand so I have to be very careful that it doesn’t ‘launch’ the microphone up to the ceiling on its springs – and it really does actually fly upwards and the mic comes out of the holder and all hell breaks loose!

I wrote to Bob Heil and asked him if the thing was adjustable. He said not but he does know people to put brass weights and stuff on the clip to compensate. It turns out that there’s some really heavy microphones in the Heil stable, not just these baby Goldlines so I guess the heavy ones must suit this boom better. Anyhow it seems a bit of a rip off that I paid getting on for £100 UKP for a boom that doesn’t work right. Oh I forget, the boom squeaks and moans when I turn it. Apparently it’s supposed to be silent. Bob, get yourself a better subcontractor, these don’t work right OM 🙂

Bigger picture here: https://www.m0mcx.co.uk/gallery/picture.php?/389/category/5