AFS 80m SSB Contest

AFS starts soon. I’m here early setting up for it. I can’t hear much, are the bands open? N1MM is working OK but my voice keyer is making nasty noisy QRN from the computer and it’s horrible so I’ve ditched it whilst I consider what to do. This means more fluids (to keep voice in working order!) = more toilet. Last CQWW I used a bucket so I wouldn’t lose my frequency. I’ll just have to cross my legs this time!

I’m logged into the Wythall chat room and waiting for people to join. I love these club activity contests. The anticipation kills me!


At 45 minutes before the off, I am holding 3.697 MHz and calling CQ, speaking with MU0FAL (Colin), M3NSQ (Steve in Hornsea), M1EBV (Bristol) and G0ICJ (David from Wythall Club) and I stay on that freq at the off, gradually moving up to 3.698 MHz until 16:21pm with 213 QSOs in the bag. Over the next 100 minutes, I only scored another 45 QSOs, mainly because I lost my frequency through stupidity by deciding I could score more doing some single VFO work, cruising from the bottom of the band through to the top, then I realised what a fabulous frequency I had!

I ran full UK legal power (400 watts) though my FT100Mp Mk5 and my Ameritron 811 amp almost on tickover using a turned-down Class A from the 1000 as the driver for the linear amp. Anyway, finished on 259 which is about 20 QSOs better than last year.

Wythall Chatroom:

15:28:56 [ChrisG1VDP] I am stuck between 2 very loud and wide stations on my running freq…
15:29:24 [g6kmq] m0mcx one of them?
15:45:16 [g0mtn] we’re finished now – time for shopping
15:45:56 [m0mcx] Shopping? Loser
15:46:32 [g0mtn] 133 first hour though. can’t complain
16:50:43 [g7ugc] You swine Chris pinchinf my QSO
16:51:02 [g6kmq] who me?
16:52:21 [g0mtn] back from shopping. now starting cooking… (!)
16:52:26 [g0mtn] scores on the doors so far ?
16:52:44 [g7ugc] 53
16:52:49 [g6kmq] 54
16:52:51 [g0eyo] 54
16:53:24 [ChrisG1VDP] 66
16:54:43 [m0mcx] 234
17:40:54 [m0mcx] Last year:
17:51:23 [g0mtn] remember: fivers to me after the contest
17:54:08 [g0mtn] just received my first log  not even finished yet
17:56:07 [m0mcx] Got called by DL16XXV – sounds like a post code!
18:00:49 [ChrisG1VDP] Do we send the logs to lee to enter the contest?
18:00:58 [g0mtn] yes please.
18:01:24 [g0mtn] i will then send them to myself
18:02:12 [g0mtn] qsy dinner
18:02:53 g0eyo exits from this room
18:03:06 [m0mcx] Me too !