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Antenna Tow Ball Mount

tow-ball-featured-imageIMPORTANT NOTE: This is an experimental tow-ball mount. Under test, I achieved some extreme loading however I can take no responsibility for anything going wrong. Playing with portable antennas inevitable leads to the odd "accident". So please do your own risk-assessment by calculating what would happen in any failure and that you have considered the risk to life or property is minimised More Info »
Price: £49.00

Lightweight 6mm Angle Custom Guy Stakes - Obselete

guy-stake-featured-imageSet of 3 x 30cm long lightweight guying stakes cut from 6mm Aluminium angle with single chamfered hole (both sides) and 90 degree (2 x 45 degree cut) points. Ideally suited for DX Commander verticals however these obviously will work for most home-brew vertical projects. Ideally suited for guying to heavy damp earth. That means More Info »
Price: £40.00
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