450 Ohm Doublet Centre – DX Commander

This is custom cut from 6mm Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene which we call “UHMWPE”. This is almost inert to RF, particularly HF and an ideal companion material to make insulated components for HF antennas.

Supplied is ONLY the UHMWPE blank. You will need to supply yourself, a 6mm (or quarter inch) bolt, washer and nut, a “rope thimble” for strain relief between your radiating element and the UHMWPE (not mandatory) and perhaps some ring connectors to solder to your elements (and the 450 ohm ladder line).

Why did I make it so long? The real benefit to this system is that your 450 ohm line is not tensioned directly near the fulcrum where your 450 ohm line will enevitably be wiggled about. The length of the cut plate means that your feeder will have a much easier time over the years.

Cable ties are optional.

Pictures that follow is a custom doublet for a customer terminated in 6mm (quarter inch) ring connectors. Contact me for a price for a fully made Doublet. I’ll need to know length of both the ladder line and length of EACH element (that should be same length, not unbalanced). Price starts at £300.

Price: £19.50
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