200m Antenna Comms Wire DX10

This is the brand-new Mil Spec DX10 Arctic Grade (Type 8) antenna wire, tested by M0MCX, key-down at 1600W for 65 seconds. For FT8 and other continuous duty modes, suggest max power of circa 500W to avoid stress and heat build up.

Overview: 24/0.20mm PCW, Single Core, Arctic Grade Military PVC insulated

Conductors: 0.75mm2 (24/0.2mm) annealed copper.

Insulation: Arctic Grade (Type 8) PVC, 0.65mm nominal thickness to give 2.44 nominal diameter.

Temperature rating: -40 degrees C to + 70 degrees C.

Voltage Rating: 300/500V

Nominal weight: 15kg per km

RDC: 26 ohm per km @ 20 degrees C.

This listing is for 2 x 100m spools of this insulated stranded wire.

Ships as a single factory wound and boxed reel of 2 x 100m runs. 

  • (Note: DX Commander All-Band-Vertical already ships with 100m and 80m version with 200m).

Each 100m run will allow you to build your elements and still have enough wire to give you 25 radials of 4m long each. Just fine.

(Cat number 6X631)

Price: £69.00
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