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Kenwood RC-2000 Remote Control system for TS-2000

Kenwood RC-2000I’m pleased to report that after soldering hundred of connectors last Friday afternoon, the remote head for my marine-style TS-2000 installation worked perfectly, even though we had extended the head by 70 feet (21 meters).

How did we do this: The remote head requires extensions for a) 8 pin Microphone b) 2 core loud speaker and c) 4 core data. I had heard of a number of people complaining about RF feedback and other such “funnies” so I reduced the problems by over-specifying on the coax run (Ecoflex 10) and going completely over the top for the 8-pin mic and data cables.

The 8-pin microphone connector was a heavy-duty 8mm screened 25m reel from Farnell components at £90, expensive – but I felt worth it. The data was shoved down a neoprene style 4-core professional OFC microphone cable, as was the loud speaker.

The reason for the OFC microphone cable was an alert I had from a user on one of my Yahoo Groups suggesting that unless I used top-quality cable, the high frequencies might roll off on TX. Not being able to change the installation once the boat was built, I had no option but to buy the best cable I could find. As it happens, the audio is currently routed through the 8-core Mic lead, however I do have the option of running the mic audio through a spare pair from the professional microphone cable.

Tests demonstrated that nobody was wise to our remote head. No interference was discovered whether on our outgoing signal, nor on our data lines or speaker and control lines. Not one ferrite clip was used. Remarkable.

A first class effort. Thanks to james (M3YOM) for doing the soldering!

Narrowboat Antenna

IMG_8483Never one to do things by half, I have finally completed the HF installation on my narrowboat. First impressions are excellent, I believe it’s working very well. I now need a solid state 500 watt linear amplifier to make use of the 800w PEP atu at the feedpoint. Can’t wait.

WiFi and Cellphone antennas still not connected. My solution here will probably be a Dlink Router with PCMCIA card running an HSDPA service from Vodafone. The PCMCIA card will take it’s signal from the Cellphone antenna and the Dlink Router will then distribute WiFi throughout the boat via the WiFi antenna on the roof. I have personally cracked WEP and WPA access points so I wonder if there’s any point in securing them? Of course 🙂

[Edit, July 2008: All antennas connected and working :]