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DX Commander 40m 3 element vertical array £299

From the archive: Obligatory evening shot of a three element 40m arrayHours of planning, modelling and experimentation both in software with MMANA and also real-world testing has finally produced an excellent and extremely economical method of producing excellent DX gain in one direction with reasonable front-to-back ratio with fast set-up time and potential for /P operations for the heavy duty operator. (Scroll down to add to cart) IN More Info »
Price: £299.00

Multi-band 80m-6m HF Antenna /P ALE Compliant Antenna Survival Prep SOTA Kit

featured-image-premiumSTOP! I am running out of D10 wire. So to keep the majority of users happy for the next couple of months, I am restricting the amount of wire I send out to 100m of D10 (not 200m). This product then becomes EXACTLY the same as the regular DX Commander All-Band-Vertical apart from the extra wire. May More Info »
Price: £183.00£159.00