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DX Commander Stay-Up Kit hose-clamps and collars

pic2Ideal for DX Commander poles - and most other telescopic poles too. This is a an 8-piece Jubilee type Hose-Clamp set of appropriate size complete with UV resistant 8mm id tubing. Clamps to be fitted at the bottom of each section (not the top of each section) so that it's impossible for the pole to More Info »
Price: £14.00

7m high Double-Eye spare part

featuredimage-UHMWPENow new and improved UHMWPE  version for QRO work. Lots of people asking me for one of the new double-eyes. Happy to send you one chaps but since I'm super, super busy, you'll have to go through the "workflow" here so that I can get the labels printed off automagically - else I'll forget to post More Info »
Price: £5.00