Lightweight 6mm Angle Custom Guy Stakes – Obselete


Set of 3 x 30cm long lightweight guying stakes cut from 6mm Aluminium angle with single chamfered hole (both sides) and 90 degree (2 x 45 degree cut) points. Ideally suited for DX Commander verticals however these obviously will work for most home-brew vertical projects.

Ideally suited for guying to heavy damp earth. That means campsites, lawns etc.however desert, pebbles and beach sand require longer, slimmer stakes. These just work for me in regular damp soil.


Note: I originally thought I’d need a rubber mallet or large block of wood for these however I have used a regular domestic hammer to good effect. Rather than “smashing” them into the ground, just tap with a medium to light force, hitting the hammer absolutely parallel to the top of the stake. The aluminium will eventually peel over. Feel free to almost bury these with the hammer to give you the full effect of all 30cms in the ground.

I completely over-engineer everything and these are no exception. Steel guy stakes, are cheaper and frankly, there are plenty of options on eBay at considerably less expense!

73 Callum, M0MCX.

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