Expedition Pole Conversion Kit

This is the little box of tricks that converts the DX Commander Expedition Pole (https://www.m0mcx.co.uk/store/products/10mdcx-sota-travel-pole/) into the DX Commander Expedition Antenna System.

In the box:

  • Ground Plate
  • Driven Plate
  • QRO Guy Plate
  • QRO Upper Spreader
  • Stainless Nuts, bolts and washers
  • 2 x Hose clamps
  • 2 x packs Plastic carabiners
  • Circa 10m 550 Paracord
  • Some Shock-Cord
  • Appropriate amount of Glue Lined Shrink-Wrap
  • Some Fork Connectors for both Ground and Driven elements

No wire shipped with this little box, just the “clever” bits to make it all work.


Price: £79.00
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