DX Commander Stay-Up Kit hose-clamps and collars – OBSELETE

NOTE: We have now moved to 7.5mm wide Re-Usable Zip Ties and 3M Temflex Tape rather than these hose clamps.


Ideal for DX Commander poles – and most other telescopic poles too.

This is a an 8-piece Jubilee type Hose-Clamp set of appropriate size complete with UV resistant 8mm id tubing.

Clamps to be fitted at the bottom of each section (not the top of each section) so that it’s impossible for the pole to slide down during a storm or high winds.

Warning: No not over-tighten. Light tension is all that is required.

Tubing comes as a single section of circa 80cms length. You cut the pieces to size and fit over each hose-clamp. Unscrew each clamp completely so that you can sluip each hose-section over the clamp – and re-tighten. Use of HOT (boiling) water so that the tubing easily slips over the clamp.

The pack allows for one LARGE “spare” clamp which is optional. It is to be fitted to the very bottom of the pole for accessories, for instance a radiating plate etc.

Cut the 8mm id tubing into 6 pieces using a ruler and scissors:

12 cms
11.5 cms
11 cms
10.5 cms
9 cms
8 cms
6 cms

There is no requirement to clamp the few smaller top sections. They are too light to warrant this protection.

(Unscrew all the hose clamps and temporarily flatten them slightly to fit the tubing to the hose clamps. You may need hot water to assist.).

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