DX Commander Supply and Build Service & Test for DX Commander ALE Antenna

OUT OF STOCK for Pre-Built versions, sorry

Warning: The price quoted for this is to put you off buying my time. This is a day’s work and I don’t really have that time (sorry). Remember, the whole idea of the DX Commander is to economical, fun to build (and easy). However, if you really do want to hire me for a day, this is what you’ll get:

I will supply a full DX Commander ALE/ABV system and conduct the following:

  • Roll-out, measure and cut the 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 12 and 10m elements and label each element appropriately
  • I’ll crimp and solder each element to a high-quality fork-connector
  • I’ll create appropriate loops with glue-lined heat shrink to the top of each element (apart from 40m which doesn’t require)
  • I will create the precise lengths of shock-cord and tension cord for each element and label accordingly and fit the shock-cord ends.
  • Each guy plate is labelled to show you exactly which element to connect to which connector and what guy plate and upper spreader hole to use for every element.
  • I’ll create 6 radials sets (30 x 5m radials in total) in bunches of 5 radial wires.
  • I’ll fit the rubber tubing to the stay-up kit and make a test-fit.
  • I’ll fit the SO239 and torque the connector properly.

All you need do is erect.

Military Option: Supply, Full Build and Test for every band to 1500 Watts and issue a certificate of conformity with calibration chart.

Price: £650.00
Out of Stock
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