Biodegradable Ground Radial Pin Kit

Radial Pin Out Kit to suit 25 x radials comprising of:

  • 110 grams (average) 25 x 4-inch (100 mm) pins
  • 130 grams (average) 100 x 2 inch (50 mm) pins

NOTE: These are actually measured in weight, so you may be one or two more or less. The product including the box weights 300 grams.

Suggest creating a loop at the end of your radial and using the 4-inch pin here and for intermediate placing, place up to four of the 2-inch pins along the radial to compensate for undulating ground and eliminating trip hazards.

Properly used, your radials will quickly disappear in time for the next lawn cut.

These pins, manufactured by GreenStake will degrade naturally in around 18-24 months.


Price: £18.50£15.90
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