18m SpiderBeam Conversion Kit to DX Commander Nebula

Lots of folks asking me to make the 18m SpiderBeam Conversion Kit available to make: 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m and 10m multi-band vertical just like the 18m Nebula.

spiderbeam-conversion-kitI don’t want to tread of the toes of Mr SpiderBeam – who I respect – however my design patent for DX Commander plates comes in handy for this purpose. I might as well let my spare prototype stock go to a good home.

In the box:

  • 5251 Stainless Ground Plate – with bent up tab and pre-drilled and tapped holes (6mm thread)
  • 5251 Radiating Element (again, tapped to 6mm)
  • 3 x UHMWPE 10mm thick spreader plates with different size holes which will fit equidistant up the 18m SpiderBeam telescopic pole
  • SO239 with flying lead and fork-connector as per regular DX Commander antennas

FOr instructions, you can loosely follow the regular DX Commander Nebula User Guide for element lengths etc. You’ll need some electrical tape and shock cord – perhaps some glue-lined heatshrink to make things tidy but for a home-brew system, this will fly. If you want to make it like my prototype, you will need a 3-inch or 75mm rubber coupler as shown here on this link and some appropriate hose-clamps and rubber tubing or aquarium tubing.

Just as I discuss on this video:

Have fun!

Price: £125.00
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