Shipping Costs

We are using FEDEX for *all* International orders and DHL for Domestic.

For international orders, shipping is rarely more than £45 – anywhere in the world for a “Classic” system. Signature 12.4m and Signature 18m systems will arrive in two boxes – and will cost more.

PLEASE MAKE SURE you select the RIGHT COUNTRY DESTINATION when you check-out, shipping will automatically be calculated.

We do not use “Economy” shipping. We only use “PRIORITY” which is almost “Next-Day” (to most of USA and Canada) and is reflected in the price when you check-out.

BUT, local customs officers can sometimes delay your parcel (about 1 in 50) up to 2-weeks. BTo be clear, Fedex would dearly love to deliver a delayed parcel BUT they cannot leapfrog local Customs.

ZL and VK takes about 5-7 days and has been known to be up to 3-weeks.

EU Customers: WARNING – you WILL have to pay an import tax to your local authorities. Fedex will liaise with you.


In the event your parcel is lost, Fedex will confirm this to us and we will immediately ship you another one, as soon as Fedex clarify that a lost parcel has been tagged for your shipping reference.

NOTE: To calculate shipping cost, just add to the cart and do a “check-out”. Make sure you select the right country.

Finally, be absolutely assured, we have the culture in DX Commander that we really want to fix everything – but sometimes we just have to wait for your local customs or shipping company to confirm what we might both think first. In the main, almost ALL parcels show up again, even after being “lost”.

Good luck, Callum.