NordhavnDreamers Donation Page

Guys, I’m not broke, although over the last 8 years I’ve come close. But being rewarded with a beer makes this worthwhile. I’ll re-phrase that… The pressure of having you lot on my back can take a small toll. The buck really does stop with me and in that regard, it’s a heavy responsibility. I really do this for fun and sometimes it’s not fun in the slightest. The fog does descend, and I get questions off-list asking for support that can be pretty onerous.

Having a beer bought for you by someone who appreciates you is a great feeling. Don’t think I’m buying you all a beer back though!

If you would like to send a gift (and I *promise* only to spend the money on a good night out, nothing more!) by all means send me a tenner.

I don’t really want money – but it’s the only solution I can think of to allow you to show your appreciation. And it would be fun to take Wendy out for a meal “on the house”. Maybe we can have a live chat when the coffees arrive so we can be appreciative 🙂

Thanks for coming on this trip with me.