How long is the 10m Classic?

  • The original 1.2m (4 feet) Telescopic pole is around 9.2 to 9.3m long. Please read the instruction guide.

How long is the 10m Expedition?

  • The Expedition is a compact pole of around 70cms. It telescopes to around 9.5m in length. Please read the instruction guide.

How many Radials do I need?

  • Use at least 1 wavelength of ground radials at the lowest frequency you plan to use. You can double up (or more) for slight increase in efficiency

Can I mount this on my roof?

  • I wouldn’t because of maintenance issues. This was designed for /P operation however many people (actually more than 50% use these all-year-around in the back yards / gardens. If a storm is brewing, it might be an idea to drop it horizontally.

Can I use Raised Radials?

  • You could but I have never tested this arrangement. You would need 2 x tuned radials for each band you plan to operate on.