DX-pedition Antenna Sponsorship

DX Commander 10m All-Band-Verticals are the best vertical antennas for DXpeditions. Transmitting near the sea with a quarter-wave will give you astonishing transmit and receive ability. Watch for storms and high wind though. If this is your only antenna, take great care of the telescopic pole.

DX Commander may assist you in achieving your DX-pedition goals by supplying you with an all-band DX Commander All-Band-Vertical kit FOC. This will be the kit only, not a pre-built and tested assembly. Two of your ops with half a day spare can get this working and tested.

Please email me agreeing to the following:

  • The team must be at least 2-people
  • A previous track record of your collective skill must be demonstrated
  • Your expedition must be a serious attempt to encourage DX
  • You will divulge to me all operators and station organisers

Within 4-weeeks of your return, you agree to:

  • Send at least one good HD picture of the antenna installation for use in our promotional material
  • Send a report outlining the success you had with DX Commander products that we can use on our website or any other promotions we deem fit
  • Display the DX Commander Logo on your QSL card
  • Display the DX Commander logo with link to the product that was donated
  • You will write leave an honest review of your DX Commander experience on eHam

If you meet all the requirement above, I will let you keep the kit for your next expedition. Else, please return it to me. You may wish to keep the cardboard and packing to assist.

NOTE: I will only let 4 x teams per year have one of these kits so please be precise with your application. I will let you know of my decision within a few days. Thank you.