Amateur Radio Great Britain Facebook Group Club

The first “virtual” radio club has started on Facebook for UK Radio Amateurs. The club’s brief is to be respectful to others and particularly encourage and support those individuals who are either less technically adept which includes Foundation license holders.

The URL is Amateur Radio Great Britain.

arukscreenshotThe Club was started by Callum McCormick, M0MCX in response for a demand on the internet for a safe place to talk about your hobby without fear of being banned or moderated.

Freedom of speech and the right to reply is key to ensure that members have a reliable forum to discuss their learnings and projects.

As the founder, I’m not looking for a permanent “Chair” and I encourage applicants to assist with moderation and administration.

I’m keen to hear of anyone interested in formalising the smallest radio club constitution ever produced to ensure that power becomes democratic. I’m always conscious that Yahoo Group owners and Moderators have absolute power and along with that comes a heavy responsibility.

Groups do become part of people’s lives and being unceremoniously removed from a group causes lots of hard feeling from all participants involved.

I’m at therefore pains to make sure that removal is a last resort and no administrator will have heavy fingers on the keyboard. Everyone is important.

Enjoy the group format and please support your first UK virtual radio club.

Callum, M0MCX.