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7m Rapide gets User Guide

The User Guide ir written and is located here:

Watch the video in conjunction with the user-guide.

Based on a 7m telescopic pole (circa 6.8m) and will work from 40m through to 2m band. Incredible.

Cut Chart as follows. Cut your elements this long (in metres – not feet : )

  • 30m 7.99 (includes 2 x 6cm loops and a 1.29m return off the top)
  • 20m 4.95 (all these have a 6cm loop incorporated into this cut chart)
  • 17m 3.85
  • 15m 3.29
  • 12m 2.81
  • 10m 2.50

To clarify: Taking the 10m band for instance, cut your element at 2.50m exactly and fold-back a loop of 6cm which makes the new total length of 2.44m.

Want feet and inches? Just Google “convert 2.81m to feet and inches” (for instance).