Monthly Archives: June 2008

Abuse of power by N1KFC

I seemed to have pressed N1KFC’s eject button when I accused him of being a policeman in Yahoo’s Ameritron Amp group. Funny – I’ve never done that before (cough, ahem!). He’s a very diligent co-moderator! Anyway, the silly oaf then put me on moderated postings, censored my posts and finally deleted my previous ones :) How to change the course of history, eh? There’s certainly some strange folk about :)

Anyway, after much debate, a few of the die-hards suggested we start a new group which we did – and we’ve called it “ameritron” (strange name for an amp group!).

Please feel free to join us there.



Narrowboat Antenna

IMG_8483Never one to do things by half, I have finally completed the HF installation on my narrowboat. First impressions are excellent, I believe it’s working very well. I now need a solid state 500 watt linear amplifier to make use of the 800w PEP atu at the feedpoint. Can’t wait.

WiFi and Cellphone antennas still not connected. My solution here will probably be a Dlink Router with PCMCIA card running an HSDPA service from Vodafone. The PCMCIA card will take it’s signal from the Cellphone antenna and the Dlink Router will then distribute WiFi throughout the boat via the WiFi antenna on the roof. I have personally cracked WEP and WPA access points so I wonder if there’s any point in securing them? Of course :)

[Edit, July 2008: All antennas connected and working :]