M0MCX looking for a Multi-Multi or M2 contest seat (worldwide)

IMG_6963Folks, I’m after an SSB Contest Seat with a competitive team, ideally with track record, #1 in your country, top-ten EU / USA. I’ll work any band although I prefer the low bands or 15m (and 10m when it’s open!).

Ideal contests will be:

  • CQWW
  • IOTA
  • etc..

I’m fit and healthy, will work night-slots if required however I do also need some rest, typically 4 on / 6 off (prefer 8..!). I’d prefer not to be involved in any heavy build since I notice it affects my operating.

For an example of my (unedited) operating, this is me running during 2014 CQWW. I took the USB feed out my TS-990s into Audacity and let it run. I was working QRO through a 5/8th vertical only.


For UK teams, I can bring ACOM 2000 and TS-990s to the party. World-wide teams, I’ll just fly in with my headset and shaving kit :)

I have experience of the following rigs in anger:

  • K3
  • FT5000
  • TS-990S
  • FT1000MP (& Mk5)
  • TS-590SG

I prefer N1MM logging although I have exposure to most logging s/w.

Note: I absolutely need to use a voice-keyer for the basics. I also tend to puff periodically on a vanilla / coffee flavoured vape toy when I’m in a contest. This is effectively an air-freshener and I promise it won’t disturb the rest of you. It’s not like I produce clouds. Just a teeny stream of cold steam which dissipates instantly and periodically it might make you fancy a blast as well. Note: I do *not* smoke (although I can eat my way though most fridges and cases of beer if the opportunity arises!). I don’t smell, can take instructions from the team captain and I just get on with it.

If you are interested in me operating for your station, please get in touch:


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