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Just spent £1,500 on 70 sets of these. A small fortune and will put the price up a tenner overall but it’ll be worth it for a higher quality engineering solution.

Guy plate: This is now manufactured in 8mm plate (up from 6mm) which is extremely substantial. Holes are the right size to fit elements with loops through easily and the guy points will allow 6mm carabiners to be connected with room to spare. Alternatively, just tie your guys to this point. I like carabiners because I can easily disconnect and lay antenna down and erect speedily. Having a 33% increase in plate thickness means much less bend.

Upper Spreader: I was never quite comfortable with the 3mm thick upper spreader. It had too much bend and didn’t look quite right. I have now specified this at 5mm and it is much more substantial. I’m delighted with the result.


Upper Double-Eye

Upper Double-Eye: I am unsure how to refer to this component. Maybe this name will stick. Again, 5mm nylon plate and is a very snug fit at the 7m point. I was never totally comfortable with the “Heath Robinson” arrangement for 30m and the way that 40m was fixed up the tube. This component solves the problem.

TIP: Connecting 40m: I will make a small loop about 75mm (3 inches) down from the upper double-eye. Use glue-lined shock-cord to keep this loop stable. Add a small section shock-cord and the last two carabiners to connect the 40m element to this point and then continue the element right up to the top. Remember, for 15m band, come back down the pole using some aquarium tubing to hold it in place. You may tune 15m band by cutting the folded over element carefully. The loop will make negligible difference.

Miniature Carabiners: I am now shipping with 12 x mini black plastic carabiners. These are for making up the extensions for paracord (and shock-cord), connecting your elements to the upper spreaders. The holes on both upper spreaders are correctly sized to fir the carabiners. Use about 10cms (4 inches) of shock cord per element and make the rest of the extension to your element with paracord. Sometimes I supply a thinner cord for this purpose. Further, both spreaders may be used at guy points, however if you do this, the downwards force on the pole increases substantially. So loosely guyed may be in order. I have not tested this arrangement. Certainly fit a “stay-up” kit and test for “stick”.

Finally, don’t over-tension everything. Your shock-cord should still have a little ”give” left else you may over-stress the fork connectors.

(Note for importers: Export trade tariff code from UK is 85176930)

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