Audio Amplification

I’m a QRO sort of person. Life’s short. I need power. I’m currently running a pair of Crown K1′s into an audio controller, the Behringer CX3400 and on to a) a pair of db Technologies 12″ subs and b) EX100 tops. Being in an 18′ x 11′ room, I’m claiming the loudest domestic computer audio in the world at around 2k watts.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to remind me (and you) of a fabulous article all about connecting balanced and unbalanced components in an audio chain:

Wicked, thanks Crown.


Comments turned off

I am receiving nearly 100 comments daily from robot spam machines posting to this site all manner of awfull and weird messages. This is pretty intolerable and I’m afraid I’ve had to switch the ability for everyone to comment completely off whilst I work out what to do.

Just email me instead, cheers.

[Later] That didn’t seem to work. I now just go into mass edit mode and delete them all before they hit the site. What a weird world we live in!